Yishion “Share in Harbin” event promotion | cr: YISHION以纯

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[Fan Art]. Han Geng calling his friend Kunio in Japanese.

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Han Geng recording charity song for Bazaar Charity Event (Aug 24 2014)

— 2nd photo: Han Geng and his friend, singer Tan Jing

— 3rd photo: Han Geng and Malaysia singer Sheila

cr. Su Mang weibo (Bazaar publisher)


shahilaamzah Instagram Update: Hangeng

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Recording charity song.

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One of malaysian singer that noe active in china..my kak shila. @shahilaamzah .kkk just meet him..and i just feel like..’ugghhh when will i meet the idol..’…
lucky ppl all over the world..but lucky not pick me yet
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Han Geng at the back stage of “Muse Dress” show

— From left to right,  LeLe (Han Geng’s manager), Han Geng, Su Hong (fashion magazine publisher)

cr. Su Hong weibo

Han Geng in “Muse Dress” - performing “Queen”

Via YouTube http://youtu.be/Yeg8ax9DM4w

Han Geng in “Muse Dress” - Comment

Via YouTube

Han Geng in “Muse Dress” - Entrance

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“‘Muse Dress” show will be aired on Aug 23 9:15pm.. Han Geng is special guest of the first episode.
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Great interview. Han Geng talks about details of his space training program. He will go to Netherlands for training again and will go to the space next year.
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(140822) Han Geng Weibo Update
Rough Translation:

Thank you director Cho Jin-gyu! Thank you to the whole film crew! You all are awesome, love you!

Source: Han Geng’s weibo
T/N: Cho Jin-gyu is the director of the new movie Han Geng participated in: 夏有乔木, 雅望天堂 (Xia You Qiao Mu, Ya Wang Tian Tang)

It seems that Han Geng has finished filiming for this movie.  He will join another movie in September.

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[Fan Art] Han Geng and his cat Tiger - Ice Bucket Challenge

Han Geng: Tiger, I donated all of your fish snacks.

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Han Geng and Grace JieJie on Aug 21 2014

— Grace JieJie and her 6 year old brother Joe (Malaysia singer Gary Chaw’s children) are child stars in this season’s “Where is my daddy” show.
— Gary Chaw is the song writer of “Betrayal”, which Han Geng performed in 2009 super show. In 2010 or 2011, Gary said in an interview that he loved Han Geng’s version of “Betrayal” and wished to meet him.

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