Han Geng in “Back in Time” Stars’ Declaration of Youth

HG: I grew up the year I graduated from school. My best youth was when I was 18. I wish that I can go back to the time at school.

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[Fan Art] Han Geng and his cat Tiger

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Trailer of “One Day” Charity film Documentary - Han Geng stars in one of the nine stories in the film - “You don’t need Eyes to See”.

—- This trailer also shows July 16 charity concert that Han Geng performed and one of the stars, Zhou Xun announced her wedding.

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HanGeng in “You Don’t Need Eyes to See” from “One Day trailer” 


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I have the chance to finally met Hangeng at Malpensa Airport in Milan!! *__* He was here for the Milano Fashion Week. It happened 1 month ago but still i don’t believe thisXD He is so handsome and kind..and a very good scent! This is the banner i made by myself and it turned good ^^ I have even his autograph on my Geng Xin album!! <3  For the first time in my life i considered myself lucky! Sadly he didn’t take our gift for him..i don’t know why. Even if he was busy he make photos with us girls and signing autograph to everyone! Sweet and shy Geng <3 I really hope to see him again somewhere in future. Fighting Hangeng! ^.^

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140728 HanGeng at Beijing Airport to Korea :)

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Yishion 2014 Fall series | cr: yishion

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[Fan Art] Han Geng

Cr. 思念柒

[Fan Art] Han Geng = fresh meat. Be careful when you swim.

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[TV News] Han Geng interview at Hefei Tissot Event (July 24 2014)

— Han Geng responded to the reporter’s question about his short appearance in Transformers 4 movie. He felt lucky and honored to participate in the movie and had a chance to see how a big film was being made. He was offered the role of a special force leader, a hero who saves humans when first contacted by the director. However, due to time conflict, his role was changed to the current.

— The reporter asked that “You are 30 now. Do you feel pressure from the long leg oppas and the fresh meats coming up in the industry?” Han Geng: ” No pressure. Because I am both myself”.

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(140724) Tissot event in Hefei | cr: 腕表之家

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(140724) Tissot event in Hefei | cr: 365jia.cn

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(140724) Tissot event in Hefei | cr: 365jia.cn

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2014.7.24  tissot activitity in Hefei


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